Longarm Services available!

Longarm Services available!

While I have been sewing since 2010, I focused on bags. Making all the bags with a little quilting here and there. 

In 2017, I started longarm quilting on a small domestic machine and soon found a new love of quilting and sewing.  Last year (2018) I jumped at the opportunity to upgrade to a beautiful new machine.  Opening a whole new world of quilting ability.

I'm so pleased to now be offering longarm quilting services! 
Check out the Quilting Services section for details, pricing and quilt samples.

Not sure what "Longarm Quilting" is? 
First, you create your quilt top with fabric piecing. You sandwich you quilt top, batting and your quilt backing together. The process of sewing the three layers together is the Quilting. This can be done on small domestic machines but can become tedious very quickly.



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