Quilting Services

I offer Edge to Edge Longarm Quilting Services.
Happily providing quilting services since 2016. I am happy to assist you in finishing your beautiful quilts. 
Located in Hamilton Montana, I work from my home studio.
In a clean, pet and smoke free environment. 
Here, you'll find a catalog of pantograph quilting designs I have to offer. If you are interested in a different look please message me. I am more than happy to find new designs to suit the style you are looking for. 


current pricing as follows. 
.021c per square inch - flat rate -  no extra bobbin charges!
Minimum Charge $50
*please note, this does not include the price of batting.  You can provide your own or I can purchase / order for you. I often have batting in stock.
Let's talk about it! 

*binding supplied by maker (that's you!) 
#1:  I can machine sew binding in place,
maker can then hand sew to back of quilt
.10c per linear inch
#2: I can machine sew in place to back of quilt,
then machine sewn finish binding to top of quilt
.20c per linear inch
Twin 72 x 90 = 6,480 sq inches 
6,480 x .021c = $136.08 

72 + 72 + 90 + 90 = 324 linear inches
324 x .20c = $64.80
Please provide backing that is 3-6" larger all around than your quilt top.  Pieced backings can be very difficult to work with. I do my best to space them properly but I cannot guarantee even spacing (especially top and bottom, sides are easier to work with).   
Not local?
I do offer shipping and discounted rates whenever possible!

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